Feedback Day

It’s feedback day in Runescape, and Jagex has implemented tons of things that the community has been requesting now. This is, of course, in preparation for the RS3 release, and they also want to keep their membership high before the redesign. Here’s a small segment of the patch notes, which you can find here. Here’s a small segment of the current updates:

  • Ashes from fires and bonfires now appear for the person who created the bonfire first.
  • TokHaar are now eligible targets when performing a Tzhaar slayer assignment for Kuradal.
  • Certain high-level slayer targets have been made tougher and more aggressive:
    • Aberrant spectres
    • Living Rock Caverns creatures
    • Mutated Jadinkos
    • Waterfiends
    • Dust devils
  • Brutal green dragons have been made worthy of their title!

These are some good updates that the community has been requesting for a while, and in general means that Runescape is listening to it’s fans. Which is always a good thing. This new update will show off some of the power that RS3 will bring to the RS community, and it will explain why Jagex is able to keep playing this game. Overall, it was a well done patch, and is sure to rope more members in.

Triskelion Treasures


A new quest in Runescape has appeared, and this is the Triskelion Treasures update. This is a members only update, meaning that you need a runescape membership. Anyway, in this update you will see that there’s 3 different Triskelion pieces spread out throughout Runescape, mostly in high level member areas (85+). When you’ve found them all, you make a key out of it, and then you can use it to unlock a variety of treasures. The way to find the keys are as follows:

  • Killing most monsters which require level 80+ Slayer.
  • Getting drops from the rare drop table.
  • Smithing mithril to rune ceremonial swords in the Artisans’ Workshop, with a score of at least 80%.
  • Harvesting a wishing well fruit.
  • Pickpocketing elves and dwarf traders.
  • Chopping elder evil trees.
  • Hunting kingly implings.

This is how to get them, and you can get any of the following items: ogre, logs, gems, seeds, and an ancient effigy. This seems to be an awesome tool for users and others, and will greatly expand the world significantly. Enjoy, and happy treasure hunting.

Behind the Scenes: RS June 2013

Crystalline TriskellionHere’s a quick update for what’s happening behind the scenes this June 2013. Firstly, RS3 is coming this summer. There’s never been a better time to get a free runescape membership account, and spending all the time you can in this future update will be fantastic for you. Firstly, there’s some things you need to do as a member, which the first one is to visit the Order of Ascension. If you are level 90, you can get the Order of Ascension bow. This means that you will need Ascension Bolts, which you can collect from dead foes in the area. Next, is the Crystal Triskellion, which you can get dragonstone armor with. This is super powerful armor, so make sure to pick it up! Also, here’s a list of everything that’s coming in RS3 as stated by Mod Mark:

  • RuneScape 3: New graphics, customisable interfaces and some amazing launch content to boot. Who could ask for more?

  • Divination Skill: Old-school training with new-school rewards.

  • Skill 2: No, I won’t tell you what it is yet!

  • Dwarf Finale Quest: As voted for by you.

  • Barrows Brothers Deluxe: Can they really get more awesome? Yes, they can.

  • Epic World Events: Seriously – these are amazing, and will change the future of RuneScape forever. I can’t wait to tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

  • Seasonal High Scores: Check out the recent RS3 BTS video to find out more.

  • Player-Owned Ports Expansion: More islands, more adventures, more rewards.

  • Quest: Bringing Home the Bacon: Yum!

  • Upgraded Tool Belt with New Tools: As suggested by you, via the forums.

  • 6th Age Quests 1, 2, 3 and 4: What madness will the 6th Age bring?

  • Loyalty Store Update: New stuff!

  • Grouping System: A great new way to access our minigames without having to wait.

  • Halloween: Woo, scary!

  • Pickpocketing Summoners: Does exactly what it says on the tin – a great way to get charms and Thieving XP.

  • Bosses: More epic battles, including powerful loot for mages.

  • Elite Combat Mobs: Combat training for the toughest high-level players.

  • New trees: New foliage that’s sure to make the cut!

  • Construction Rework: Build in places you’d never expect!

  • New bank interface: Better access to your stuff than ever before

From: RuneScape News

RuneScape Emissaries Update


The Edicts of Guthix have left the RuneScape world, and are now recruiting people into the various religions through the ways of God Emissaries. These emissaries all have their own philosophies and goals, which is a great way to let users customize how they would like to their “morals” to be dictated in the RuneScape world. These are the locations they are in the free area: Seren, Endwyr, The Godless, Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, Sliske, Zaros, and Armadyl.

When you have finally decided which religion you’d like to join, you can pledge your support to them. The Emissary will give you the book of the god, and will instruct you on 8 chapters about that God. If you’re a member, it will ask you to also complete jobs, which have their own specific skill requirements, and in general are pretty cool. Complete the jobs and you will gain tons of skills and experience. There’s a full detail here: on the jobs you can do.

Here’s a video on it:

Easter Event

No matter if you are a new player or an old player, the holidays are always a great time in Runescape since Jagex unfailingly plans an event to celebrate the event. The event this time around is Easter, but in true Jagex fashion there are no religious strings attached to this celebration, so even if you don’t normally celebrate the holiday you can still enjoy the activity that is planned.

So basically this year’s activity is basically capture the flag. Except the flag is an egg, and to fully enjoy this even which takes place on the 14th or 15th, you need to have already done the Easter activity to obtain a eggsterminator and the hat of either the Chocotrice or the Evil Chicken, which are the two opposing factions of this event. Every 10 minutes a new flag will be given out, for the teams will switch allowing for changing of roles. As fun as this event is, it actually isn’t written in the game’s script so when you do get tagged by cannons to get you out, you are expected to play the event and teleport home on your own accord. All in all, if you have never done roleplay before, this will be a fun chance to try it out. Do expect it to be chaotic, but fun nevertheless. Happing  Hunting.

New Ammo Rounds

It is certainly a glorious update for those who have dabbled in range, or even those who have decided that it was worth their investment to level up woodcutting or fletching. If you haven’t yet heard because you have been living under a Volcano, Jagex has once again reestablished the combat triangle by balancing range against mage once again. Not to say that mages now have absolutely no chance, but now with the introduction of bakriminel bolts, it really makes mages a lot easier to kill. When using these special bolts, instead of getting the option of shooting accurately, or rapidly, or from longrange (it is quite useless I’m not gonna lie), you get can choose a specific body part of your target, head, chest, and legs. In those corresponding slots, if you chose a slot that has mage armor equipped, there is a chance that you can inflict very crippling status’. These effects are not sure-fire every time, but because these bolts automatically hit in rapid style (the most deadly in my opinion) you will be landing many shots of 125 ammo strength, which by all regards is EXTREMELY powerful, these bolts are even STRONGER than Onyx tipped rune bolts in terms of raw ammo damage. Anyways, if you hit the head, there is a fair chance that you will cripple their magic output by effecting their accuracy and spell frequency, if you hit the chest there is a chance that you will make them bleed out for a minute doing small, but effective damage, and if you hit the legs you will sap them of run energy even to a point in which they won’t be able to move for 10 seconds. By introducing these bolts, Runescape has given its players truly a breath of fresh air. As these bolts are still a new introduction, the effect on PvP probably still hasn’t left its mark yet, but I would definitely think twice about using magic against other people because of this update. These bolts require 80 range to use, but can be shot out of a very easy to obtain rune crossbow, or the stronger alternative dragon crossbow.

However nothing this strong is without drawbacks. For one, these bolts are a one shot only type of deal. They can’t be picked up after being used and they can’t be retrieved from Ava’s devices. Also, the only way to obtain these bolts other than buying them (market price is around 1.3k a pop) is to run into the deep wilderness and cut bloodwood trees, which require 85 woodcutting. Now I know what you devious people are thinking. “Ok, I’m going to camp near these trees, and then when some woodcutter comes I’m going to kill him and loot all the logs to make a profit! After all if each freaking bolt is 1.3k then imagine how much money I can get if I go mug the harvesters!” Well Jagex has made it so these logs are untradeable so you might get the satisfaction of being an ass, but you aren’t really going to profit. My advice, let the woodcutters do their jobs and provide the rest of Runescape with these new arrows so Runescape can evolve even further, and if you haven’t yet become a member so you can take advantage of this revolutionary combat update.


Games are fun when they are action-y. Everyone knows that even though “the journey is half the fun” it’s still pretty lousy and boring. To remedy this, many MMORPG’s have their own slew of transportation options to get you from place to place to minimize time walking or running (you know the boring stuff) and to maximize fun and skilling. Jagex obviously recognizes these truths and was recently implemented another means of getting from place to place. This time Jagex has decided that while Lumbridge may be a great town, it isn’t always the place where we view as “home” as such, with the introduction of Lodestones, by finding lodestones in different places instead of teleporting to Lumbridge, you could instead teleport to Port Sarim or Draynor Village. This update is relevant for both members and free players, so even if you don’t feel like paying for membership (if you don’t feel like paying then man do I have a deal for you) you can still take advantage of this new update and start spending less time on the road and more time hacking away to your next levels. Due not though that because these lodestone teleports are still in short Home teleports, the limitations that Home Teleport has is also applicable to lodestone teleport.

Jagex Member Rewards Program

In other news, Jagex has decided to reward its members even more by adding more emotes and aura’s to the Member’s Loyalty Program. For those who haven’t played Runescape in a long time, aura’s can be equipped by anyone, and can only be bought by Loyalty credits that are stocked up by renewing and buying subscriptions to being a Runescape Member. What is so cool about these Aura’s is that their uses are truly far and wide and can range from turning your eyes different colors to making your prayers more effective. It is an entirely new slot for equipping your character and adds just another level in character customization.

Graphical Updates and RuneScape

Runescape has always been compared to and to some extent overshadowed by the many other MMORPG’s of the internet. But what is so great about Runescape is that there are constant updates that make the game better and better, and more rewarding and in depth. One of the most recent updates has been rightfully called an overload. Runescape’s graphics have changed quite a bit from its original grainy appearance, but with this recent update an old player might not even recognize the game. If you have quit, I would recommend you give Runescape another chance. From black to dragon, the traditional metal suits of armor have gotten quite the graphical updates. The dragonhide ranger equipment actually has dragon scales on the armor. And the magic robes have all been graphically altered to give your avatar a more mystic feel. These graphical updates have also been applied to the gnomes. Their character portraits and the Gnome Village and Fortress has all have graphically updated. Almost all of the Runescape’s past grainy features have been upgraded. As far as other updates have gone, JAGEX has also decided to really update the clan feature that Runescape has offered. This most recent clan addition has also offered an experience bonus for those of you who attain the Clan Fealty rank of 1, which grants a quite generous 15% experience bonus to whatever skill you are training in your citadel. While this string of updates can be enjoyed by both free players and members, to truly see the changes on the gnomic archetype, one has to become a member.